Rank Structure of the ATC

Much like the Royal Air Force, Air Cadets have a rank structure in place. This structure applies to the Staff and Cadets. It is important to be able to distinguish Rank and Classification.  Classifications show the level of training a cadet has, rank shows what ability the cadet possesses.

Cadet Non-Commisioned Officer (NCO) Ranks 


Cadet Corporal           Cadet Sergeant    Cadet Flight Sergeant

Once a cadet reaches the age of 18, they become a staff cadet; in recognition of there age and service. Once a cadet reaches this age, they can be recommended for promotion to Cadet Warrant Officer; the highest cadet rank in the Air Cadets.

Staff Cadet Non-Commisioned Officer (NCO) Ranks 


Over 18 Cadet          Staff Cadet Corporal       Staff Cadet Sergeant


Staff Cadet Flight Sergeant    Cadet Warrant Officer

Staff Non-Commisioned Officer (NCO) Ranks 


Sergeant (ATC)          Flight Sergeant (ATC)     Warrant Officer (ATC)

Officer Ranks 


Officer Cadet          Pilot Officer        Flying Officer      Flight Lieutenant


Squadron Leader  Wing Commander   Group Captain     Air Commodore

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