Cadets are issued with their uniform as soon as possible after joining. The RAF Blue/Grey uniform is issued free of charge to cadets and we expect you to look after it and wear it with pride. When in uniform you are representing the Air Training Corps and the Royal Air Force, for this reason we expect it to be pressed and smart, however, do not worry; you will be taught to keep you r uniform at the required standards.

The ATC follows the RAF with the description of the uniform;

No 1 is best uniform worn by Officers and occasionally by CWO’s and band members.

1SDNo 2 is long sleeved wedgwood blue shirt and tie with a Blue/Grey Jumper. (The collars are always inside)

no2 female
No 2A is long sleeved wedgwood blue shirt and tie without a jumper.

No 2B is short sleeved wedgwood blue shirt without a tie and is only worn by Uniformed members of staff.

no2bNo 2C is the default cadet uniform of dark blue shirt without tie with or without jumper (The collars are always outside).

no2c femaleNo 3 covers CS95 or MTP-PCS.

mtp-pcscs95sNo 5 is mess dress and is worn by Officers or adult NCO’s only.


You will be issued with enough uniform to cover No 2, 2A and 2C, however, you will need to purchase a pair of Black DMS shoes to MOD standard and these will have to be polished. Cadets cannot wear Officers Black Oxford shoes or General Purpose Jackets (GPJ’s) so do not be fooled into buying them.

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