Upon Joining

Induction Night

When you come down for your induction or pop in on one of our open nights, you will be given a Welcome enrolment pack; inside this is more information and some forms to fill in. If you want to join, all of those forms need to be filled in, signed by a parent or guardian and brought back on the following parade nights.

What happens then?

Once those forms are back at the squadron, we can order your uniform! And from now on, you can attend squadron week in; week out.

You will start your training the following night and be part of the Training flight. You will go through your Phase 1  training (4Weeks) & upon completion of that, move onto Phase 2 (4Weeks).

Training will consist of learning: Drill, Ranks and the Structure of the ATC (Basics for all cadets) as well as academics including; History of the ATC & RAF, History of Flight, Basic Radio Comms, Initial Expedition Training, Map Reading, Airmanship & Principles of Flight

After a few weeks you will be enrolled into the squadron at a formal parade held by the Commanding Officer and the squadron Padre. At this parade you will have to say the cadets promise to the squadron, once completed you will be issued your 3822 (Identification Book) by the Commanding Officer. Your parents can attend this parade to see you enrolled into the squadron.

You will need to know, or be able to read off the Cadets Prayer and Promise, given too you before hand.

Once the enrolment is completed you become a full member of 351(Burton on Trent) Squadron and you can take part in all the activities we have planned.


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