What we do

What don’t we do is more like the question!

The Air Training Corps is affiliated to the Royal Air Force and that carries certain benefits, although we are not just about aviation and aircraft. Here at 351 Squadron we have an active adventure training department with rock climbing, canoeing and hill walking all just a stones throw away.
If that doesn’t float your boat then we have regular places at the VGS (Volunteer Gliding School)at RAF Tern Hill or at RAF Cosford; or Private flying at Wellesbourne with one of our members of staff. We have a small bore (.22) shooting team and any cadet who passes their WHT’s (weapon handling tests) and can show they are safe with a weapon can shoot – all with fully trained adult supervision.


Just think, the next time your friends are talking about their weekend of hanging around on street corners you can say you have been flying or how do you fancy a weeks camp at an RAF base either in the UK or abroad? It’s all there for you
We provide the challenges for you to get the satisfaction!
What are you waiting for?

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